Committees of CSTWS
(Standing & Ad Hoc)

CSTWS COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP. CSTWS Standing Committee members must be regular members in good standing of CSTWS. Each committee consists of a Chair (or Co-Chairs), ideally a member/liaison with the provincial chapter executives, and members at large. The chair of each standing committee is responsible for the recruitment of their successor as well as working closely with their successor prior to their transition out of the chair position.

NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS COMMITTEE. (Standing Committee) A three-member Nominations and Elections Committee chaired by the Past President shall prepare a slate of two candidates for each elective position: Vice President and President Elect. At the initiation of the Section, the ad hoc Section organizing committee shall prepare a slate of two candidates for all officer positions excluding Secretary-Treasurer.

MEMBERSHIP AND RECRUITMENT. (Standing Committee) This committee shall encourage the maximum number of qualified persons residing or working within the Section’s organizational area to become members of the Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society. The Secretary-Treasurer will be a member of this committee. The committee works on recruitment and retention initiatives as well as manages and maintains the CSTWS membership database, including letters of welcome to new members and letters of encouragement to renew.

CONSERVATION AFFAIRS COMMITTEE. (Standing Committee) This committee shall review legislative proposals, administrative regulations, environmental assessments and impact statements, prepare white papers on critical wildlife issues, and other subjects or issues affecting wildlife or wildlife habitat within the geographical area of the Section and make recommendations to the Executive Board for any action that should be taken by the Canadian Section. This committee is comprised of a chair, interested members, as well as the chair from each of the active chapter CACs. 

AWARDS COMMITTEE. (Standing Committee) This committee shall solicit nominations for the Canadian Section and TWS awards for deserving members of the Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society. The committee will receive and adjudicate nominations for the Section’s Life-time Achievement and TWS’s Distinguished Service Award. The committee also solicits and adjudicates applications for the Student Travel award given by the Section. The scope of this committee’s work includes nominations for annual awards of both the Section and parent Society.

AUDIT COMMITTEE. (Standing Committee) At the Annual Meeting, the President shall appoint a committee to review the financial records and support documents of the Secretary-Treasurer for report to the members at the next annual meeting. This committee shall consist of a Chair and two additional members. The committee also shall review these records and documents prior to any change in the office of Secretary-Treasurer.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE. (Standing Committee) This committee shall seek education resources and opportunities for members of the Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society, such as access to online training courses, web-based seminars and workshops.

CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE. (Ad Hoc Committee) The CSTWS Certification Committee will work with the TWS Parent Organization’s Certification Review Board (CRB), provincial certification associations within Canada (e.g., Alberta Society of Professional Biologists, the College of Applied Biology in British Columbia, L'Association des Biologistes du Québec, and ECO Canada), and various levels of government in Canada (e.g., Canadian Wildlife Directors Committee) to achieve a nationally recognized wildlife certification standard.

 WEBSITE AND NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE. (Ad Hoc Committee) This committee shall work with the executive and chapter membership to gather information and updates for a newsletter to be assembled and distributed to the membership every second month. This committee also works with the executive and membership to provide updates and important information on the Section website including contact information, award information, meeting information, job postings, among other items. This committee consists of a chair or co-chairs and one to two committee members.

 LONG-RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE. (Ad Hoc Committee) This committee was developed to work in close collaboration with the executive to draft a long-range plan for the Section to include short and long-term planning goals, strategic stepping stones and milestones to goal achievement as well as short and long term financial planning. This committee consists of a chair or co-chairs and five plus committee members representing a cross-section of Section geography as well as committee members that are long-standing TWS members as well as some new-professional TWS members.