Canadian Chapters of TWS




Alberta Chapter


The Alberta Chapter of The Wildlife Society works for wildlife and works with wildlife. We are a 200+ strong group of biologists, managers, scientists, academics, students, consultants, and naturalists from across Alberta and the west dedicated to understanding and conserving Alberta's wildlife. We are affiliated with the international organization The Wildlife Society and the Canadian Section of TWS. 

  1. We talk wildlife. People care about things they know about. As wildlife professionals, we share our love and understanding of Alberta's wildlife and wild places through public talks, social media, newsletters, and especially our acclaimed annual conferences, where new ideas for conserving Alberta's wildlife are born.  Everyone is welcome!
  2. We walk the talk. We advocate for science-based wildlife management in Alberta, and provide science-based information and advice to help ensure wildlife's needs are met in public policy, legislation and programs. We work to provide a wildlife management perspective to local, regional, and provincial decision-making bodies. We offer information, advice, and champion policy that ensures wildlife populations persist as a benefit for all Alberta.
  3. We cultivate new biologists. New professionals carry forward the responsibilities to manage the future of Alberta's wildlife. We provide mentorship and training support, and host conferences that pass on new information. We provide student scholarships, conference travel grants, and awards for out wildlife work. For over 25 years we have provided tens of thousands of dollars in support; and are rewarded by knowing today's ACTWS students are tomorrow's Alberta wildlife professionals. 

Manitoba Chapter

The Manitoba Chapter of The Wildlife Society is dedicated to the conservation and protection of our wildlife resource base, through initiatives in public awareness, education and professional development, while promoting and upholding responsible wildlife stewardship.

The Chapter represents approximately 175 wildlife professionals, students, and naturalists from throughout the province. We strive to provide our membership with an active voice through our Conservation Affairs Committee, three newsletters annually, a variety of professional development workshops and opportunities, and updates on wildlife related activities throughout the province. The Chapter typically holds several key events throughout the year:

  • Manitoba Chapter Annual General Meeting and Biannual Conference – March
  • Annual Winter Getaway - February
  • Fall Mixer – November

Visit our website, Facebook and Instagram pages to see what’s happening within Manitoba’s wildlife community!

New Newfoundland Chapter

Our goal is to spread awareness surrounding wildlife issues in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, notably: To promote stewardship and conservation; to provide access to educational opportunities for students and professionals; to encourage and support research and development of techniques for wildlife management; to increase public awareness of wildlife issues; to encourage communication to facilitate effectiveness of wildlife research; and to aspire wildlife management decisions to be founded upon sound natural history, evolutionary, and ecological science.



Saskatchewan Chapter

The mission of the Saskatchewan Chapter of The Wildlife Society (SCTWS) is to foster excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education among wildlife professionals in Canada. SCTWS members are dedicated to sustainable management of wildlife resources and their habitats and members work together to improve wildlife conservation in Saskatchewan by advocating for collaboration and sharing of information across the province, as well as promoting the continuing education of wildlife professionals and encouraging professional growth through workshops, publications and conferences.


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Ontario Chapter

The Ontario Chapter of The Wildlife Society aims to promote learning and collaboration on wildlife issues. It does this by bringing together students and aspiring professionals with those working in the field or with relatable experiences. Topics of interest to current members include conservation, government policy, stakeholder relationships and advancements in biological research. Anyone with an interest in these, or other wildlife related topics, is encouraged to join and further the discussion of how wildlife should be studied and managed in Ontario. 




Lakehead University Student Chapter - Allison Johnson

Lethbridge College Student Chapter - Andre Brazeau

Trent University Student Chapter - Brenda Martinez

Universite Laval Student Chapter - Stephanie Tremblay

University of Alberta Student Chapter - Nikki Paskar

University of British Columbia Okanagan Student Chapter - Kristin Mancuso

University of Northern British Columbia Student Chapter - Lauren Runge

University of Winnipeg Student Chapter – Lynnae Martin

University of British Columbia Vancouver Student Chapter

Joanna van Bommel