Wild Pig Symposium 2019: Mapping, Modelling, and Mitigating Invasive Wild Pigs in Canada

Thursday, June 20, 2019 9:00am to 5:00 PM

.  If you are joining remotely, the link to join by webcast is here: https://usask.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto/Pages/Embed.aspx?id=2b680543-6a6d-4943-988b-aa65012afd3c Those of you joining remotely don’t forget the time change compared to Saskatchewan, which does NOT follow daylight savings. 

To view the poster, PLEASE CLICK HERE

8:30 – 9:00 am Arrival at Room 2E25 Agriculture Building (51 Campus Drive)
9:00 am Welcome Dr. Mary Buhr, Dean, College of Agriculture and Bioresources
9:15 am Domestic Wild Boar in Canada on Meat and Penned Shoot Farms (Ryan Brook)
9:30 am What is a Wild Pig? (Ryan Brook)
9:45 am Distribution and Spread of Wild Pigs in Canada (Ruth Aschim)
10:30 am Spatial Overlap of Wild and Domestic Pigs and other Livestock (Ruth Aschim/Ryan Brook)
10:50 am Diseases of Concern at the Wild Pig: Domestic Swine Interface (John Harding/Egan Brockhoff/Ryan Brook)
11:15 am Wild Pig use of Agricultural Crops (Corey Kramer)
11:30 am Reproductive Ecology of Wild Pigs (Ryan Brook)
11:45 am Attitudes of Rural Canadians toward Wild Pigs (Ryan Brook)
12:00 pm LUNCH
12:45 pm Is Wild Pig Eradication Achievable in Canada?: Key Opportunities and Barriers/Perspectives on Zoning (Ryan Brook)
1:40 pm Wild Pig Control Options/On Farm Mitigation (Ryan Brook, Sask Crop Insurance, Moose Mountain Eradication Team)
3:20 pm Outreach, Engagement, and Knowledge Translation
3:35 pm Discussion, Updates and Perspectives from Participants
4:35 pm Next Steps: opportunities for collaboration, WildPigNet Canada, disease monitoring, research needs, other?
5:00 pm Wrap up
6:30 pm Dinner at Alexander’s Restaurant, 414 Cumberland Avenue North, an easy 10 minute walk from the meeting
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